ENTRY FORM: 2019 Ranch Trail Challenge

September 26-28, 2019 - Final Show of the ULTIMATE RTC


 ULTIMATE Ranch Trail Challenge Series

Series Questions?

Email the Secretary at: ultimateranchtrail@gmail.com

Fun competitions geared to challenge you and your equine partner!


It's official!

‚ÄčThe B-C Mello Arena / Bonina Ranch Trail Challenge Series has expanded in 2019 to include Maxson-Box Stable, thus creating the ULTIMATE Ranch Trail Challenge Series! With dates in spring, summer, fall come to them all!

This year, we will give away not one but TWO SADDLES (Open/Amateur & Novice/Intermediate)! We will present 4 Buckles to division champions and 16 other Series Class Champion awards when the dust settles! Competitors must enter the series prior to showing and must complete required classes in at least 2 out of the 3 series events. If you show at all 3 we'll take your best two performances! Visit the series facebook page for more details: facebook.com/ultimateranchtrailchallengeseries

Goldendale, Washington

Contact Cindy to learn more! 

Phone: (509) 250-0726 | E-mail: bcmelloarena@yahoo.com