B-C Mello Arena is a family affair.

The "B" of B-C is Bill Mello. Bill is a talented course builder, muleman, and all-around handy man. Along with the help of friends, Bill has built their 3+ Acre Mountain Trail Course from the ground up. Their mountain trail course now boasts over 50 obstacles and is one of the most expansive outdoor courses in the northwest. 

The "C" of B-C is Cindy Mello. Cindy is the course designer, experienced horse and mulewoman and an excellent chef. Her day job is grooming dogs--she's quite the dog whisperer. You'd be hard pressed to find a better hostess anywhere!

Along with the help of their daughter Alyson, Bill and Cindy have created a wonderful facility for the equine enthusiast. Hospitality is second nature to the Mello family and they  welcome overnight stays and full care boarding options. In addition to hosting clinics and ranch trail challenges, Bill and Cindy raise quality mules and enjoy heading out into the wilderness to trail ride and camp with friends. 

About B-C Mello Arena

"O​ur goal is to offer a family friendly atmosphere; a place for kids and adults to have fun while competing with their horse or mule." 

-Cindy Mello

Bill & Cindy Mello
Goldendale, Washington

Phone: (509) 250-0726 | E-mail: bcmelloarena@yahoo.com

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