2018 B-C Mello Events

B-C Mello Arena has teamed up once again with Bonina Ranch to bring you another award series for 2018! We've added new horse division awards! We will give buckles to the rider division winners and a saddle to the overall high point champion! To enter the series you must have participated at Bonina in March 2018 and the two B-C Mello Arena shows.​

SHOW #1: July 6-8, 2018 - RESULTS HERE

Thank you to all of our participants and everyone who helped make this show the biggest and best yet!

SHOW #2: September 28-30, 2018

Enter at least one class by August 1st and receive one free trail class on the course of your choice - a $25 value! 

B-C Mello / Bonina Ranch Trail Challenge Saddle & Buckle Series

Contact Cindy to learn more! 

Phone: (509) 250-0726 | E-mail: bcmelloarena@yahoo.com

Goldendale, Washington

See you in September for our final show of the series!

RIDER DIVISIONS: Open | Amateur | Intermediate | Novice

HORSE DIVISIONS: Competitor | Challenger | Rookie

Questions? Email the secretary at bbrtseries@gmail.com.​