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Overnight Stays, Riding the Course, Boarding & More!

B-C Mello offers 2 arenas, a round pen and a 3+ Acre Mountain Trail Course with 50+ obstacles and growing. Come ride for the day! $25 per person


Some of the obstacles you can enjoy include (but are not limited to):

  • Bridges: Trussel, Suspension, Teeter, Over Ditch
  • Gates: Pole, Rope, Corral
  • Mountains: Trails, Steps, Ridges, Sidehills
  • Water: Pond, Bog, Water Box
  • Other: Poles, Log Jams, Rock Jams, Logs, Moguls, Beams, Raised Tires
Goldendale, Washington

Phone: (509) 250-0726 | E-mail:

Bring a friend!
  • Day Ride Fee - $25/person
  • Overnight Pen - $10/horse
  • Overnight Dry Camping - $10/night
  • Full Care Monthly Boarding - Ask for pricing
  • Custom Group Retreats - Ask for pricing