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B-C Mello Arena has teamed up once again with Bonina Ranch to bring you another award series for 2018! We've added new horse division awards! We will give buckles to the rider division winners and a saddle to the overall high point champion! To enter the series you must participate at Bonina March 16-18 and the two B-C Mello Arena shows.​ Learn more and see series results on the event page.

RIDER DIVISIONS: Open | Amateur | Intermediate | Novice

HORSE DIVISIONS: Competitor | Challenger | Rookie


Fun competitions geared to challenge you and your equine partner!

5 Ranch Trail Courses

  • NEW Bareback Classes
  • NEW Timed & Judged Classes
  • Special Ranch Course on Saturday with cow component!
  • ​Classes for every level!


All-Around Classes

  • Ranch Reining 
  • Cow Work - Judged Sorting
  • Free Style Class

Full Class Descriptions in Entry Packet

Join us in September for four days of unique courses, cow work, ranch riding, free style class and more!

RESULTS ARE IN: SHOW #1: July 6-8, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to our challenge! It was the biggest show to date at B-C Mello Arena!!! 

SHOW #2: September 27-30, 2018

Be sure to join us Thursday for our In-Hand, 1st Year Trail Horse and a Warm-Up Class open to all riders!